Pan’s Labyrinth (2006) | 15 | Adult fairy-tale, adventure, fantasy | Spoken language: Spanish

About: Set in Spain, 1944, after the after-math of the Spanish Civil War, a young girl named Ofelia is taken on a journey into a fantasy world with the help of a magical faun she discovers one night in a labyrinth.

Review: Pan’s Labyrinth is a fantastic adventure of a film and I fell in love with it after my first watch. I remember a time where I could watch it every single night before sleep, and I would never tire of it. I’m surprised that I didn’t know how to speak Spanish fluently after watching it that many times!

The film alternates between Ofelia’s adventures and the dismal reality of war in Spain, which I think distributes the film’s development out evenly. The affects and make-up used for the creatures, like the faun, the fairies and “The Guy With The Eyes In His Hands” (I forget it’s proper name), are stunning and I love them — Very creative. The end is beautiful and I cry every time. There is a (sort of) hopeful out-come for Ofelia, but I like to believe that the fantasy world she “escaped from” was real, and not just within her imagination! Sergi López played the perfect hateful villain and even though I wanted to love and understand his character, I just couldn’t — But he was wonderful nonetheless.

The soundtrack is beautiful. I especially love “Ofelia’s Lullaby”. I always hum it to myself whenever I’m feeling nervous or something, and it always calms me down. It’s beautiful.

My rating: 

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